Awesome Bengal cattery is located in Pretoria South Africa.  Our Bengal kittens are raised in our home to be well socialized by the time they go to their permanent homes. 
Bengal Cattery Pretoria
There are 4m that is under roof where their cosy igloos are with their favourite blankets in. Four shelves of different levels are provided for climbing, playing and lazing. 
Bengal Cattery
Bengal Cats
Scratch poles and toys allow for hours of fun and entertainment!
Bengal Queen
Bengal Kittens
Bengal Breeders Pretoria
Cattery Pretoria
Scratch Poles
Bengals South Africa
Cattery Pta
Bengal Kittens
Bengal Cats Playing
Bengals Playing
The ideal climate in Pretoria allows for
a lovely 200m outdoor cattery.  Our
cat run consist of 12 pens of  between
10m and 12m each.  All is linked to a
30m communal grass playground.
Cattery South Africa
Bengal Stud
They love climbing on the natural treetrunks and lazing on the sunnyseats
Every pen has a Awesome Cat Wheel to keep them fit and entertained