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We specialize in brown-rosetted Bengals and are dedicated to meeting the Bengals standards. They are in excellent condition getting only the best care and love.

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Bengals are very active and intelligent cats. Very curious and entertaining, they can play for hours. They love companionship, and will be a loyal friend for life.

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Our babies are raised in our home where they are used to the daily routine of everyday living. Every kitten is sold on contract and with a health guarantee and pedigree.

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The Awesome Cat Wheel, initiated and invented by Awesome Bengals was originally custom designed to keep our Bengals occupied and ensure fun, as well as pleasant exercise.

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods;
they have not forgotten this.

Awesome Bengals Cattery

Awesome Bengals is a state-of-the-art Bengal cattery located in Pretoria, South Africa. Our happy clients will testify to our passion for the breed. We specialize in awesome brown-rosetted Bengals. We are dedicated to meet the Bengal standard and stacks of love. 


All our breeding Bengals have been genetically tested and/or scanned for HCM, PKD, PKDef and PRA-b


We are very particular about the hygiene and comfort of our Bengals.They are in excellent condition getting only the best care.


All our Bengals are well socialized, healthy, loving and an absolute


client testimonials

We love our clients, and they love us
Will & Julz
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Dear Lorraine Since receiving Chui from Awesome Bengals our lives have changed for the better. With unconditional love from this little cat, every moment we spend with him is an absolute pleasure. Chui fits very well into our active little family with his jovial personality and energetic habits as he runs around the garden at full tilt. He is full of confidence and boldly walks around his new territory. To our surprise he is quite comfortable walking on a lead which makes trips to the vet all that much easier as the staff there make a fuss of him every time. But apart from his adventurous traits, he is a little softie too – cuddles in the morning are second to none! On receiving him as a healthy kitten at around 12 weeks of age, it was evident that he was well trained and socialised – he happily took over the couch (see picture) and got on famously with our other kitten from day two 😉 Lorraine’s approach to homing her Bengal kittens has been very professional and we have thoroughly enjoyed her enthusiasm and advice to ensure her kittens are well looked after. Her regular update emails and photos of our little guy always brought a smile to our faces, and we felt as though we were already getting to know him. We love this little chap very much and would like to thank Lorraine for our little celebrity cat that gets noticed everywhere he goes. He has a winning personality and good kitty habits, no doubt influenced by the loving upbringing he received at Awesome Bengals. Kind regards Will & Julz
Jaco & Beulah
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On the 11th of January 2014 our lives were turned up-side down in the best possible way with the arrival of Gimly (he of Lord of the Rings fame, slayer of orcs and clearly master of the human heart) a 12 week old male kitten from Awesome Bengals. A friendlier, more loving creature will be hard to find and while he simply gave himself over to human affection from the first moment, we were amazed by his behaviour when introduced to the extended family, consisting of one 13 year old dachshund, one 6 year old yorkie. Jessy (the dachshund) was won over by a simple lick through the face! Our interaction with Lorraine was a pleasure from beginning to end and the long wait made shorter by regular updates on Gimly’s progress accompanied by beautiful pictures. While there is no denying that acquiring a Bengal kitten is not cheap, buying from a breeder like Lorraine, who clearly invested significant time and personal attention in raising a well adjusted loving family pet makes it worth every cent (and more). If you are looking for a beautiful tiger – inside and out – we gladly recommend Awesome Bengals. Jaco and Beulah Rossouw
Zonja Grobbelaar
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Dearest Lorraine, Here is a photo of Sheila and also some feedback on how well she has fit in with the other two Bengals. We only realised after naming her Sheila that her name should have been 'Shadow' instead as she follows me all over the house! She is so attached to me and actually calls me in the cutest tone of panic when she wakes up after her afternoon rest and don't see me immediately. We read a lot about Bengals before we decided to buy them, but I never thought that her personality would exceed all expectations, all of that is true and when you think she reached the cutest stage ever, she simply surprises with something new. Sheila is absolutely besotted about anything that involves water. When I do dishes, she is right next to the basin scooping the foam in a playful manner. When I bath she sits on the edge of the bath watching every movement of foam floating on the water. She already knows the sound of the electric toothbrush and comes running straight to the basin, awaiting the tap to open, which means playtime for her. I think what I like most about Sheila when I compare her to my two Bengal boys bought from a different breeder, is the fact that she just has it all. She can play for hours and love her toys, she chases anything that breaths in the garden and will then switch off and cuddle with me in such a loving way. Whether she plays or cuddles, she is definately my most verbal cat. Sheila's personality has rubbed off on my two Bengal boys! They cuddle way more than previously. I want to thank you for giving us the experience of getting to know such a marvellous cat. Don't know what you do with your kittens but from my experience I can see a lot of love in your breeding program. Well done and many thanks once again for having such a passion for Bengal cats. Zonja Grobbelaar
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Hi Lorraine, I'd just like to thank you for our lovely bundle of joy, Ruben! He is such an energetic little thing and has definitely got a wild side to him, whilst still managing to be one of the most affectionate kitty's I know. You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, prompt responses to every email query we have had and constant updates and photos to show us how Ruben was doing. After a long awaited 12 weeks we received him in such great condition, having clearly been showered with love, care and affection since he was born.

Thank you again for your great service all around, no doubt I will try and persuade my parents to come back for a little brother or sister for him 😉
Lisa & Jacques
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After the 4 longest months of my entire life which Lorraine made noticeably shorter with a awesome collection of regular updates, info and photos it was finally time to go and collect Vegeta (meaning 'attitude' and a better name couldn't possibly be chosen!) I have never seen a kitten with more confidence and personality immediately aproaching one of my 35kg dogs as his chosen friend and best friends ever since! Vegeta absolutely loves water, car rides, going for walks on a leash and mastered basic tricks like sit and down in record time! We couldn't ask for a better socialised and more confident kitten. He is such a head turner and receives compliments where ever he goes! A better breeder than Lorraine cannot possibly be recommended because there is none! Her kittens speaks for them selves. There is so much love, commitment and professionalism in her breeding program with the breathtaking bloodlines to match. Awesome bengals definitely exceeded all of our expectations and our little lap leopard is an enrichment to our every day life's! Thank you Lorraine!
Linda Coding
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Hi Lorraine I finally get a chance to write to you to thank you for been such an amazing passionate breeder of your Bengal Cats. You truly live up to your name “Awesome Bengal Cats” We will forever be grateful that we chose you as a breeder to bring up our kitten Alfonso in the first 12 weeks of his life. You can tell that Alfonso has been nurtured and loved in a caring home. We knew we had the right breeder when we saw how happy all your other Bengals were on our numerous visits. We also appreciated you making yourself available at all times for us to pop in and visit regularly. When it finally came to collect our precious Alfonso you thought of everything…even a special blanket (when I had forgotten to include one) which had his mother’s smell to ease his ride home. You also made sure he had a good toy to start with and this toy remains Alfonso’s favourite. All these small touches were very much appreciated. Alfonso is extremely sociable and lovable to every member of our family. I am excited to enter Alfonso in his first show in August as I am very proud of him! Thank you once again for your wonderful dedication which enables others to enjoy this breed as much as you do. Warm Regards Linda Codling
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Dear Lorraine This is just a small token of my appreciation to you for giving me the biggest gift someone has ever given to me. Little Nala has been such a blessing for me of unlimited love, care and affection. The amount of joy she brings to my life is indescribable and it is all thanks to you. When Nala was still a baby and I had to wait 12 weeks for her to come, there was never a moment where you were too busy to answer my questions or to send me pictures of her. The name of your cattery "Awesome Bengals" truly describes what you stand for and that is awesome cats and amazing quality service. Nala has truly become an amazing member of the family and I'm so truly happy that I stumbled across your cattery when I did. Since she arrived there has never been a dull moment for me or my household; with her excitement and love she keeps me so happy and is a distraction from all negativity in my life. Although she has her naughty moments, it's always with good intentions. You treat all your cats with so much love and respect that since the day I visited Awesome Bengals I knew that I would get my little sunshine from you. Thank you so much for everything Lorraine. Kind regards Christiaan
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Two month ago on 20 June, Chezco finally arrived at our house. We slowly introduced him to all the areas in the house. From the very first night he was sleeping like a baby. In fact he loves sleeping, especially when everybody else in the house is sleeping. He really aligns him with all the household activities. Even if it is bath time, he will be next to the bath and playing with the water or just tapping you with his paw. The tapping with the paw is one of his outstanding characteristics. He sometimes will just softly tap you on the cheeck to determine if you are still alive and aware that he is around. Chezco loves any form of play. From playing with toys to his favourite game, playing hide and seek/attack. If we are not at home he patiently accepts it, but the moment we return he immediately calls for attention. It is if he know this is now his time. He loves his total family and always wants to be around us all the time. He is a real entertainer and with him around there is never a dull moment. He will even bring his toys to us when he wants to play. Lorraine, thanks for this wonderful new member of our family. We can defiantly see he is coming from a very good blood line and it is also evident that you have socialised him with lots of love and tender care. I am familiar with cats, but this one is one of a kind! More like a human being than an animal. Our life will never be the same without Lord Chezco around!! Kind Regards Susan
LD en René Griesel
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Dear Lorraine After I have been asking for a cat or many years, my husband one day searched the internet an came upon a breed that he fell in love with: the Bengal. He found breeders on the internet but after speaking to you, he was as positive as one can be and very very exited. We knew we were on an waiting list, but your passion and love for these cats only confirmed that the wait would be worth while. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You went above and beyond that what anyone could expect or wish for. When ‘our’ kitten litter was born, you sent photos and videos, we could choose our kitten: Tikka, and see heart shapes in her rosettes, love in her eyes, cuteness in her purring and al the while you were even more in love with her than us. Weeks of photo updates, videos , whatsapp after whatsapp, your friendliness, knowledge and passion, professionalism, effectiveness, good organizing and loveliness got us trough the months of waiting. Tikka was sent to us on a plane, with lots of good advice, questions answered, a blanket and toy, and once again a video: of her sendoff in her crate. She has only been a pleasure, she is definitely a very busy babe, a lot of attitude, talkative, to date not scared of a single thing and in love with all and any water. She is cuddly when sleepy, and a very playful companion. Also: photogenic when sleepy and streaks flying over the lens when awake! Lorraine helped us with tips on introducing our hunting, serial killing, wire hair terrier to her new best friend, and with lots of patience and caring the two are now very good friends. Always being only a whatsapp away, I cannot imagine a breeder with more love, caring, passion, compassion and knowledge than Lorraine and Awesome Bengals. Baie baie dankie LD en René Griesel
Madeli Jasen van Rensburg
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Dearest Lorraine, I knew from the very first minute that I visited your cattery that the kittens at Awesome Bengals are raised with an enormous amount of love and care. I was barely around the corner from your house when I called to tell you that I would like to buy two kittens from you, little spots climbing up my leg and playing with my shoes were all the convincing I needed, I was assured that I would get two well loved and socialized kittens! Regular photo updates helped to shorten the long wait and also made me feel part of Mila and Diego's first three months of development. I brought home two confident curious kittens that couldn't wait to get out of the carrier and start exploring as soon as we got home. Diego was the first to let me know after only a day in their "safe room" that he was ready to explore the rest of the house (little Mila was right behind). Since day one they have been experts at using their litter box! I now have my own walking talking alarm clock as Mila wakes me every morning. Not long after, she makes herself comfortable in my arm or neck with her head on my pillow, lots of cuddles and cat napping follows. Diego is soon to follow and I know he wants to cuddle when he starts purring as he climbs onto the bed (he even allows belly rubs)! Once cat napping and cuddles are over, they embrace the day in true Bengal style, hunting, pouncing and chasing each other, sticking their paws and noses into everything that can open and close or move (with more cat napping to follow). They are inseparable, and fill the house with joyful chirps and meows as they call each other to play, or just wants the reassuring sound of your voice! You have been such an enormous help both before and after Mila and Diego came home! During our first email communications you told me your kittens will be worth the wait, and those words have proven to be so true! I have not only received two gorgeous kittens, but they both have their own stunning and loving personalities, which I believe is all thanks to the amazing people at Awesome Bengals! Kolle kinder groete, Madeli Jansen van Rensburg
Robert & Doreen Opperman
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Beste Lorraine, Hiermee wil ons as gesin jou graag opreg bedank vir jou uitmuntende diens! Dit was ñ groot soektog om die perfekte Bengaltjie te kry waarna ek al jare opsoek was, maar van die oomblik wat ek met jou in kontak getrëe het, het ek beslis geweet ons is nou by die regte persoon! Caesar is die mees besonderse bondeltjie liefde ooit! Hy is ongelooflik pragtig, met die sagste pels en “glitter” van kop tot tone! Hy het ñ pragtige persoonlikheid en het baie goed aangepas tussen ons ander katte en honde (Soos Lorraine sê, sy het geweet Caesar gaan hulle vinnig om sy pinkie draai J) Caesar het baie vinnig in ons harte gekruip en die kinders geniet sy onophoudelike gespelery en energie vreeslik, tot dit slaaptyd is en hy snoesig in my nek inkrul en saggies “purr”. Wat ñ voorreg om die eienaar van so ñ besonderse luiperdjie te kan wees! Verseker uit en uit die moeite werd! Robert & Doreen Opperman
Nadine & Dawie Schlebusch
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Zania & Inkwe Ons 2 Roosknoppies. Wat n voorreg om hulle as deel van ons lewe te kon maak. Die wag was die moeite werd! Om elke oggend 2 nat snoetjies teen jou te voel maak jou sommer lus vir opstaan. Hulle eindlose energie hou ons op ons tone. Hulle speel die speelgoed op en ons koop gereeld n nuwe dingetjie of 2 om hulle te vermaak. Hulle is so lief vir speel en sal jou gou vertel as hulle voel jy skeep hul speeltyd af. Ons het vir hulle n groot speelplek gebou sodat daar nie een dag van verveeldheid sal wees nie.Hulle leer so vinning en ons moet vir Lorraine bedank dat hulle al klaar goeie maniere soos om sandbak te gebruik gehad het toe ons hulle gekry het. Die pienk kombersie wat Lorraine saamgestuur het is nogsteeds die laaste van Zania en Inkwe se mamma reuk waaraan hulle vasklou. Soet is hulle in die aand wanneer ons ligte afsit en gaan slaap dan klim hul so ewe op hul bed met die pienk kombers en slaap geen probleem. Maar o wee onthou ons slaap nie baie laat nie o nee! Vroeg oggend is dit tyd vir die tiertjies om die huis om te keer. Dan word daar gehap na ons tone in die bed, jaag hulle mekaar in die huis rond en ondersoek elke ding wat moontlik plesier kan verskaf. Ons is dankbaar dat ons twee kon vat want hulle geniet mekaar en gaan nerens sonder die ander een nie. Zania en Inkwe beteken Tier en Luiperd in Zulu, en ons het net gedink dit gepas met hulle afkoms. Ons kan nie ophou om hulle te soen, te druk en te bewonder nie…hulle kruip so vining in jou hart in. Dankie Awesome Bengals vir die 2 spesiale katjies in ons lewe…..ons oorweeg al klaar n boetie vir Zania en Inkwe Nadine & Dawie Schlebusch
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